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U.S. Steel

Manager, External Communications

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Edgar Thompson Steel Works has been active since 1872, and U.S. Steel was looking to host a media event announcing their $1.2 billion dollar investment in Pittsburgh’s Mon Valley. The twist? Hosting it IN an actual steel mill, which as you can imagine comes with a few unique challenges. For example, not only were there no restrooms available for guests, but all pre-planning meetings took place in full safety gear. We’re talking rock hard hats, safety goggles and steel toed boots! Distinguished speakers included: US Steel President and CEO, David Burritt and the Lieutenant Governor of PA, John Fetterman.  

Key Services:

  • Facilities coordination
  • Stage design and rentals
  • Audio visual production and lighting
  • Safety and security planning
  • Onsite staffing and media check-in
  • Shuttle transportation

On the day of the event (after full set up was complete the day before), our team came in to find that every single white chair had to be wiped down. Soot produced by the operating steel mill had settled on all chairs overnight! It had also rained and water had come into the building, which led to the need for temporary flooring. Challenges you certainly don’t experience in your standard hotel ballroom!